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School year 2012- 2013:

Along with my private lessons (whom i adore), I am teaching music theory through music and movement at the Brooklyn School of Inquiry. Thanks to school principal Donna Taylor at BSI Public School 668 I am developing a curriculum of sorts through songs I have written. It all started 2 summers ago, before we brought our son home from Ethiopia. I had the most prolific summer I've ever known. I started writing songs for children. These weren't typical kids songs, they were educational songs about music theory, ear training, and performance. Think School House Rock (I'm Just A Bill, Conjunction Junction, etc), meets Free To Be You And Me, meets Sly and The Family Stone, meets Ray Charles. I'm taking all the stuff I leaned in music school and I'm putting it into songs with a sense of humor. Kids music can not take itself too seriously. It's got to be fun. It's got to be slightly ridiculous. I can't wait to put it all together - cd, book with illustrations and videos. It will go on from there. I plan on making this an actual curriculum. For more info write me at info@tracybonham.com.

Here is a little footage from the other day. This is the fourth grade class as BSI learning dance moves with Karen Curlee (Together In Dance) who is choreographing the number. Notice there are musical staffs on the floor for the kids to move around on, stepping from line to space, etc. The song is called "I Am A Movable Do" (as in Do, Re, Mi) Its about "Movable Do" vrs "Fixed Do". I'll post lyrics and an mp3 here. I'll even explain what it's all about since a lot of folks haven't heard the term "Movable Do" or "Fixed Do" before.

Check out the Brooklyn School of Inquiry and see what we are up to in music class.


I'm having a blast secretly teaching kids music theory with my songs.
They say that learning and memorizing through song is an excellent way for things to really sink in. How about using the body to help? Moving your body around on a giant size musical staff has got to help with the beginnings of reading music. Don't you think? I know there is a term for it but I don't have the lingo yet!! This is all very new to me. I'm super jazzed.

Gowanus Music Club, summer camp 2009

Watch Tracy at Blue School with a young student.

Check out this bow hand - second lesson wow!