My friends, I am so thrilled to share this with you. As some of you know, I have been recreating and reimagining my first album Burdens Of Being Upright from 1996 with the help of fans and Pledge Music. The new album Is called MODERN BURDENS.

As our nation witnesses an unearthing of certain negative beliefs about gender and race that have lurked under political correctness, and general courteousness, this project has morphed from a Tracy Bonham album into a celebration of my contemporaries and favorite singers from the 90s and present day to inspire young girls in America and beyond to rise up. The need for strong female voices is bigger than ever. In the 90s we enjoyed a brief opening where strong female singers were celebrated (albeit still questioned for their volume and attitude) and we have not disappeared. We are now banding together for the young girls out there who are disenfranchised by recent events and nervous when privy to conversations about potential encounters with misogyny in the near future. We come together to create this album for them and we will be giving part of the proceeds to a favorite charity called Girl up.

With overwhelming positive reaction from these amazing women, John Wlaysewski (LateCambrian) and I now embark on compiling a record that includes tracks sung by: Tanya Donelly (Belly/ Throwing Muses), Sadie DuPuis (Sad13/ Speedy Ortiz), Nicole Atkins, Kay Hanley (Letters To Cleo), Angie Hart (Frente), Katherine Calder (New Pornographers), and Rachael Yamagata – singing my songs from Burdens Of Being Upright. Also in the works will be original sonigs in which some of the singers will be involved with.

Tanya Donelly
(Belly/ Throwing Muses),

Sadie DuPuis
(Sad13/ Speedy Ortiz),

Nicole Atkins

Angie Hart

Katherine Calder
(New Pornographers)

Kay Hanley
(Letters To Cleo)

Rachael Yamagata

Please visit the page here and Pre order the album at which point you will have immediate access to behind the scenes activity, creative process, and news updates. You can also pre order the MODERN BURDENS LIVE album from Levon Helms Studios where me and my band play the entire album and it sounds amaaaazing!

Also, please note, MODERN BURDENS will also include the songs sung by me as bonus tracks. So everyone is getting more than what they originally bargained for! It’s a lot of music!! This is more than an album, its an event. We are creating a sacred circle for our young women. We are artists, women singers, mothers and it’s time we share our voice to lift up young women and inspire them to use their voices. I can’t think of a better thing to invest in right now.

Hope you will join us.
Thank you for your continued support!
And girls RISE UP!!

Tracy Bonham

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