Hi Everyone!

It is with great pleasure that I announce the launch my new Pledge Music pre-order campaign for my album Modern Burdens: the twentieth anniversary release of my debut album, The Burdens Of Being Upright. This time with completely NEW versions of the songs (and a few new originals as well). I am re-recording and re-imagining the songs with the super talented John Wlaysewski from the NYC band Late Cambrian and with the help of drummer Todd Perlmutter (Blue Man Group), among other special guests.

I will kick off the campaign with “The Audition”, a quick video guest starring Fred Armisen. Watch here: Working with Fred was really fun. He is an old friend and was willing to help me with this and I am grateful. I came up with the concept for this video and when he came to the rehearsal space, that was that. The camera rolled and the entire thing was ad libbed.


On the Pledge Music campaign page, you can pre-order the album and receive my behind-the-scenes updates as well as unique and exclusive items made by me. It is a really fun way for me to connect directly with you. I had a lot of fun coming up with these cool ideas – new / old t-shirt designs, posters, handwritten lyrics on art pieces, framed and signed lyrics, all from The Burdens album – old and new. Again, click on this link and you can see what I have available in the “store”:

It’s amazing to have a new perspective on songs that I wrote at a very different time in my life, and in a very different musical landscape. I have come a long way since the 90s, as far as my songwriting. But as John and I dig into the new versions we find we can adapt these songs and actually give them a better chance at becoming songs that can stand the test of time. It’s like having another chance to get it right. This album is like a time capsule and I am reinventing that alternative rocker girl with a depth and a maturity that only time can bring. I even re wrote the second verse of Mother Mother to: “Trump is trending, the world is ending, the earth ain’t cooler, who’s to blame? Suiciders, occupiers, A-hole bankers not in jail….”. This new track will be an instant gratification track and will be yours when you become a pledger.

I had such a great time with fans on my last Pledge Music campaign in 2015 for Wax & Gold. I made new friends and reconnected with old friends. I loved letting people in to see the process. I am so grateful for my fans and the support I have received through the years. I really enjoy sharing the joy and music in my life with you. I hope you join me again.

This will be fun.

Lots of love, Tracy


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