A Little “Luck” For You This Friday The 13th

Lucky Friday the 13th!
Here it is! My first music video in 19 years!
How is that possible? Well… the music industry had a lot of money to throw around in the nineties.
Then…… well…. you know the rest.
Thanks to Ernie Falconer at Still Nice Media I was able to make this beautiful video in Woostock, NY.

My best friend saw the video first before anyone and this is what she wrote:

You have incredible power in you, to express real emotion, and feeling that people don’t think can be put into words or art. It’s just a feeling that we can all relate to but can’t name..and post about how vulnerable we are all feel as mothers kind of like, give yourself a break, we aren’t perfect, we are all doing the best we can, even when we feel like imposters, a wolf in red riding hood’s clothing kind of thing. 

Tiffany, thank you. You nailed it.

Everyone stand by for more news – shows, songs, summer music camps, etc!

Enjoy your spring!

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